Tricks to Easily Scoop Ice Cream

Ice cream is a kind of food that is soft, sweet and most delicious when cold and combined with a variety of toppings. Unfortunately, the ice cream that is stored in the freezer for a long time can be frozen that it is so hard to be taken out from the package. However, by trying doing the handy tricks to overcome frozen ice cream that would be discussed below, you will no longer have any hard time when faced with such a problem.

1. Use Plastic Zip
Freezing the ice cream in a plastic zip bag can be a way to prevent the ice cream to get too frozen. However, you need to make sure that no air will be able to enter into the plastic bag to prevent any direct contact with air. Plastic zip makes ice cream cold but still soft and easy to take out.

2. Heat an Ice Cream Shovel
The next way is by using an ice cream scooper. You can heat the ice cream shovel under a stream of warm water before using it. This makes it easier for you to scoop the ice cream is as the heat on the shovel makes the ice cream melt.

3. Cut with Knife
If you wish to present the ice cream with a larger number, you can do it this way. You can put the ice cream with a cylindrical cardboard container on the cutting board and cut it into two pieces either lengthwise or semicircle. Then, place it on the flat side. Remove the ice cream packaging and then cut crosswise into pieces with a knife.

4. Take the ice cream in the S form
The S form will make the ice cream look neat. Heat the shovel ice cream with warm water and then dry it. After that, grab the ice cream with a shovel and shape like the letter S around the ice cream, in his way, the surface will still be neat. But, do not take away from the middle section when the ice cream has melted on the outside.