What to Consider in Buffet Service?

In buffet service, there are several things which are important to consider. Here are some things that must be considered in the buffet service:

Menu buffet

There should be one or two waiter who always standby near the buffet table to check whether there is still enough menus or there are some menus that need to be supplemented. To anticipate shortages in the menus, usually the chef of the restaurant usually has prepared some alternative menus. In regards to the menus, it is also important to set the prices properly. For some examples of prices in a buffet service, you can take a look at the Golden Corral prices.

Cleanliness buffet table

Even when the buffet service is still going on, there must be a waiter or waitress who checks on the cleanliness of the buffet table. Often, the spill of gravy and sauce can be splattered all over the buffet table so that the next guest who will take the dishes will be reluctant because it seems slovenly. That is why it is important to keep the table as clean as possible.