4 Things That Could make Our Teeth Yellow

It is so easy now to get the pearly white set of teeth at Dentist in Ajax with teeth whitening services that they offer. However, do you know the cause of the yellow teeth that sometimes cause discomfort for us?

1. Medication-certain medications. There are some drugs that have side effects make the teeth become yellow. Drugs that can cause teeth to yellow is an antibiotic drug. Besides useful for preventing and treating bacterial infections, antibiotic use has become pros and cons among the people. That’s because of the benefits worth the side effects. Therefore, we must be wise in taking this drug.

2. Illness. Another cause of yellow teeth is due to suffering from a particular disease. Diseases such as diabetes and liver disease sufferers will cause teeth to yellow. Some people experience symptoms of diabetes are less aware of the signs of diabetes such as yellowing of the teeth. People suffering from liver may develop yellow teeth due to high levels of bilirubin in the liver and therefore contributes to skin and teeth are also sufferers.

3. Too often brushing teeth. Brushing your teeth is good for dental health, but what happens if done too excessively? Too often brush their teeth will actually make the enamel becomes damaged. That’s because the outer layer of teeth often collides with rough bristle toothbrush. Therefore, it might be wise to brush their teeth, brush at least twice a day and a maximum of four times a day.

4. Brush your teeth at a wrong time. Another cause of yellow teeth is brushing teeth at the wrong time. Note correctly when the time is right for brushing teeth. Brushing the teeth after eating sweet foods actually bad for dental health, it is because the sweet foods will make your mouth becomes acidic, sour mouth when many bacteria and germs are interested lodged in the mouth, especially in the teeth. To neutralize tooth germs and bacteria will issue enamel layer. If you direct the brushing teeth enamel layer will be wasted in vain and germs and bacteria would be easy to make the teeth become yellow.