Walmart, Entrepreneur Inspires Others

As what happened to another corporate giant that changed so much in the business world, Wal-Mart has a success story to inspire many people recognised them to be as big as this retail company. Wal-Mart becomes a mirror of how dedication and hard work of business leaders and employees can form a business to survive and succeed in the fierce competition in the retail world.

Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton on March 29, 1918. The company, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the US is engaged in a particular sector or type of retail industry, discount stores, supermarkets or small shops. Walton’s ideas and efforts to make Wal-Mart became one of the companies that have succeeded in changing the global business world. The idea of ??retail stores, discount stores and super stores that he initiated already changed the world of shopping and consumers. Now the company employs more than 2,1 people, immediate partners and employees. Stores Wal-Mart serves more than 176 million consumers around the world per year. One that you can go to Walmart when is Walmart Bakery Cakes, where they sell various types of cakes that you can buy to eat with the family.