Hi, good mother! Do you now the nutrients that you need during pregnancy? Folic acid and zinc are two lucrative substances that play important roles for pregnancy, which can prevent the defects on baby’s brain and spinal cord in addition to making your baby born smarter. So, you need to consume VitaBrain (Vitamin Otak Bayi) which contains folic acid and zinc. According to the research published by Journal of American Medical Association shows that babies with a good intelligence are born from the mothers who consume folic acid and zinc during the pregnancy. The research was conducted with the random methodology to 676 children in Nepal.

The mothers, who consume the supplement during the pregnancies, have the children with better cognition and intelligence, rather than the mothers who didn’t consume the supplement during their pregnancies. Therefore, if you are in the pregnancy, it is a good idea to consume a supplement that can improve and stimulate your baby’s intelligence. Surprisingly, the breastfeeding mothers who have lacks of folic acid are invulnerable to get anemia. Anemia is the factor that causes exhaustion to pregnant women. The need of folic acid for a mother in productive age is 400 mg per day. Mother can consume some foods or drinks that consist of folic acid and zinc such as spinach and bread. These foods are good to be consumed during the pregnancy. Spinach is kind of vegetables that can provide sufficient zinc for you during your pregnancy. Consuming spinach every day will help you to suffice the need of spinach in your body. Similarly for the bread, which is made from grain or whole wheat, consists of high carbohydrate and folic acid.

For a suggestion, you can consume VitaBrain as a supplement to suffice the needs of nutrient during the pregnancy. The VitaBrain is safe to be used very day without causing the side effects.