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My Honest Review Of The Vision Spinner II VV Battery

If you’re into vaporizers, then you know that getting the right battery is absolutely essential to a great vaporizing session. There are lots of batteries available on the market ... Continue Reading →
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A Quick History Of Carlos Torano Cigars

Carlos Torano is one of the most successful individuals in the tobacco industry. He is currently president of Torano Cigars and of a second company called Central America Tobacco. ... Continue Reading →
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A Quick History Of The CAO Cigar Brand

CAO International is a Tennessee-based cigar brand created in 1977. CAO originally manufacturer humidors and pipes instead of cigars but the brand made a successful switch to producing ... Continue Reading →

The MM Vapors Nano Mods

In the vaping world, moding can allow you to have the perfect vape for your collection without having to copy anyone else. Keeping yourself interested in your pieces can give you even ... Continue Reading →
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This smoketech Silenus mod is the very new in the market and it is made of the finest materials and electronics that are very latest. This stainless steel is beautifully crafted and ... Continue Reading →

Cigars From C.A.O. International And What To Get For Your Enjoyment

You’re going to need to figure out if cigars from C.A.O. International are for you. These are a brand that have been around and pleasing cigar enthusiasts for quite some time, ... Continue Reading →

The Unknown Effects OF ECigs

There are differing views on whether or not ecigs are a safer option for the nicotine consumer. Depending on which side you ask, you will get greatly varying opinions. Due to how new ... Continue Reading →


As much as most people like the larger tanks, there is a reason that most people do not use them in a daily basis, they are very much expensive and they are labor intensive when it ... Continue Reading →

Rocky Patel Royale Toro Cigar

The RP Royale Toro is a good choice of cigar for those who like their cigars a substantial size. At 6.50 x 50, it is a good, long smoke. This box-pressed handmade cigar from Nicaragua ... Continue Reading →

Rich And Enjoyable – Padron Nicaraguan Cigars

There are many people who may simply pick up a cigar to enjoy once in a great while, when there are others who are always looking for that one perfect brand that will take them through ... Continue Reading →